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Diego Alonso Flamenco Ensemble​: Bio

The Diego Alonso Flamenco Ensemble is Chicago's premier Flamenco ensemble including guitar, dance, voice, violin, percussion, bass, and more. This group has performed for hundreds of private and public including school assembly performances and concert series for over 20 years.  The Diego Alonso Flamenco Ensemble features founder Diego Alonso (guitar, vocals, and percussion) and Carlo Basile (guitar) as well as Chicago's premier flamenco musicians, including Leticia Aravena (flamenco dance), Bob Garrett (percussion), Javier Saume (percussion), Greg Nergaard (bass), Chihsuan Yang (violin), Patricia Ortega (voice), and Chiara Mangiameli (Flamenco Dance).  The ensemble features original and traditional Flamenco and Flameno-World Fusion guitar, singing, percussion, and dance. See more at www.DiegoAlonsoMusic.com.


The size of the Diego Alonso Flamenco Ensemble can be cutomnized to fit your event's specific needs:

- Trio: 1 Guitarist/Singer, 1 Guitarist, 1 Flamenco Dancer

- Trio: 2 Guitars + Pick 1 (Violin, Percussion, Bass, or Singer) 
- Quartet: 2 Gutiars + Pick 2 (Flamenco Dancer, Violin, Percussion, Bass, Singer) 

- Quintet: 2 Guitars + Pick 3 (Flamenco Dance, Violin, Percussion, Bass, Singer) 


M-Sat: 9:00am-6:00pm
Sun.: Closed

7 Days/Week

Open Later for Special Events

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